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Always Inspect The Steel Wire Rope Internally
Nov 03, 2017

Daily Steel Wire Rope use, there will always be a variety of problems, today, Xiaobian to introduce you to the corrosion of Steel Wire Rope in Shaanxi have what, I hope we know about it.

External and internal corrosion

Corrosion is particularly prone to oceans or industrial pollution in the atmosphere. Not only does it reduce the metal area of the rope and thus the breaking strength, it also causes a rough surface and develops cracks and accelerates fatigue. Serious corrosion can also cause a reduction in rope elasticity.

1, external corrosion

External steel corrosion can be observed with the naked eye. When the surface of the pit, the wire should be scrapped when quite relaxed.

2, internal corrosion

Internal corrosion is more difficult to find than external corrosion that often accompanies it. However, the following phenomena can be identified:

A. Change in Steel Wire Rope diameter. The diameter of the Steel Wire Rope at the bend of the detached pulley is usually smaller. However, for the static segment of the rope is often due to the outer layer of rope appear rust and lead to an increase in Steel Wire Rope diameter.

B. The gap between the outer strands of the rope decreases, often accompanied by the appearance of broken filaments between the outer strands.

If there is any evidence of internal corrosion, the supervisor inspects the rope internally. If confirmed serious internal corrosion, the rope should be immediately scrapped.

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