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Basic Characteristics Of Steel Wire Rope
Jul 04, 2016

Uniform, reasonable unit clearance are passed one of the basic characteristics of wire rope. Even if the gap between the unit is designed in the design process, but if there is no best, although the wire rope from the surface has been producing successful, but its life will be greatly affected. Former Soviet Union experts had to study the production of steel wire rope in some countries, that find wire rope with the unit before the unit there is a gap, when designing wire rope the wire rope manufacturers in China have their own stock clearance requirements. Uniform, reasonable unit is to reduce the gap between wire rope under load and bending unit the best method of contact stress and frictional stress, clearance between unit that is too small will cause unit between the strands of nicks, eventually lead to the emergence of wire breaking. In structural design of wire rope, using scientific and rational stock clearance, similar problems can be a good solution, will significantly improve the life of wire rope.

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