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Effect Of Lubrication On Life Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope
Jun 05, 2017

Lubrication is one of the commonly used means of stainless steel wire rope maintenance. For mining stainless steel wire rope, in the course of the frequent use of extrusion, friction and reverse, the appropriate lubrication work to ease its wear and prolong its service life is of great significance.

When the stainless steel wire rope around the drum and the wheel (guide wheel), due to repeated reverse bending, the direction of its bending stress also changes, under the alternating stress, the steel wire and steel friction between the friction Wear, will certainly reduce the life of stainless steel wire rope. Therefore, the stainless steel wire rope outside and inside enough grease lubrication, to reduce the relative wear and improve its service life has a great effect.

Practice shows that the stainless steel wire rope for a good system lubrication, can extend its life 2 to 3 times. According to the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations," Article 411 provides: the use of the wire rope, should be based on the conditions of the well and corrosion conditions, at least once a month oil. Friction wheel lifting device to enhance the wire rope, only quasi-coated, immersion of special wire rope oil (by grinding fat); but do not bypass the friction wheel part of the wire rope, must be coated with anti-oil. It can be seen that the importance of grease lubrication.

In view of the impact of lubrication on the life of stainless steel wire rope, it is necessary to regularly apply oil to the wire rope, especially to enhance the work of wire rope maintenance is more important, should be in a good lubrication.

It can be seen, lubrication to enhance the life of stainless steel wire rope effect is very significant, but Su Yang also stressed that the normal operation of the standard is always a safe use of the premise, only to do the normal operation can really guarantee the life of stainless steel wire rope The

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