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Effects Of Improper Use Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Life!
Jul 04, 2016

Common types of stainless steel wire rope damage

1. stainless steel wire rope wear:

Stainless steel wire rope wear and tear is a common phenomenon. Structure properly can guarantee the wear of stainless steel wire rope is damaged only a minor factor, lubricant to help reduce wear and tear.

2. stainless steel wire rope:

Broken wire is stainless steel wire rope using the common end-of-life phenomenon, caused by fatigue and wear. Mechanical flaw may indicate broken local equipment, proper lubrication will improve fatigue performance of steel wire rope.

3. deformation of stainless steel wire rope:

Often is the result of mechanical damage, if severe, will greatly affect the length of wire rope. Rust shows lack of proper lubrication leads to corrosion. In some cases, the wire appears obvious point on the outer surface rust marks will appear broken.

4. internal corrosion stainless steel wire rope:

Appears to lack of lubrication or is not the right place. Pulp to reduce speculation that often cause the observer to this point, only through the caliper or use rivet wire rope is opened for internal inspection to confirm that judgment.

5. stainless steel multilayer winding wire rope:

Multi-layer winding rope on the drum causes the lower rope severely deformed.

6. poor stainless steel wire rope winding:

Due to the large tilt angle caused by twisting or too loose) can lead to mechanical damage, characterized by severe squeeze, the runtime may result in sudden-load.

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