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How To Maintain Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Products
Jul 04, 2016

Due to the unique properties of wire mesh stainless steel wire with brightness, so it is favored by handicraft manufacturers, is manufactured in a wide variety of Arts and crafts, here briefly several maintenance methods for stainless steel wire products. Good corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire mesh, but if exposed for a long time in a corrosive environment, will eventually be oxidized. Therefore, the surface must carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel wire mesh, in order to maintain its beautiful surface and extend the service life.
When cleaning the surface of the stainless steel wire mesh must be careful not to scratch the surface, avoiding the use of bleach composition and abrasive cleaning liquid, such as steel wool, abrasive tools, to remove detergent wash to wash the surface with clean water at the end. Stainless steel wire mesh surface for dust and easily subject to dirt, SOAP, detergent or weak wash.
Stainless steel wire mesh surface logo, foil, and weak detergent to wash with warm water, Binder composition, use of alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene), scrub the surface of the stainless steel wire mesh grease, oil, oil pollution, after clean with a soft cloth, using neutral detergent or ammonia solution or use special detergent. Stainless steel wire mesh surface with bleach and various acid attachments, immediately wash with water, neutral soda carbonate solution leaching of ammonia solution or wash with a mild detergent or rinse.
Stainless steel wire mesh has Rainbow pattern on the surface, usually using too much detergent or oil cause, washing can be washed with lukewarm water and neutral detergent.

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