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Inspection And Use Of Mine Steel Wire Rope
Jul 07, 2017

Inspection of mine wire

(1) Lifting personnel or lifting personnel and materials used in the mine Steel Wire Rope, from the suspension every 6 months should be dismantled Steel Wire Rope tensile strength and bending performance test 1 times.

(2) Mine Steel Wire Rope for lifting material, 12 months from the time of suspension for the first test, after every 6 months Yuling 1 times.

(3) hanging wire hanging Steel Wire Rope every 12 months should be tested 1 times,

(4) to enhance the tank mine Steel Wire Rope must be every day Yu Yu broken wire, diameter, corrosion, wear and so on 1 time, and Pingde, anti-dropping brake, overhead manned device, traction belt conveyor mine Steel Wire Rope You must check at least once a week broken wire, diameter, corrosion, wear and so on 1 time.

(5) friction wheel lifting Steel Wire Rope use period shall not exceed 2 years. The use of the balance rope shall not exceed 4 years.

The technical knowledge of the process of making the Steel Wire Rope into the Steel Wire Rope

Here is the Steel Wire Rope drawing refers to the raw material after pickling, phosphating, shelling, billet, during which one or more pull pull, change its molecular structure, to achieve the target diameter of a process means. Specific wire drawing process has a plate pickling phosphating, billet, rough pull, heat treatment, fine pull, etc.

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