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Introduction Of Pre - Tensioned Steel Wire Rope
Jun 15, 2017

Pre-tensioned Steel Wire Rope is divided into two kinds of online pre-tensioning and off-line pre-tensioning.

Offline Pre-Tension:

Also known as the static pre-tensioning, is the finished Steel Wire Rope applied 50% of the Steel Wire Rope breaking tension, by applying the load breaking force (and each time the rope tension to maintain a certain time), until the Steel Wire Rope elongation change To the minimum; general off-line pre-tensioning for elevator Steel Wire Rope and elevator Steel Wire Rope and other high-rise construction machinery;

Online pre-tensioning:

In the process of rope ropes, after the Steel Wire Rope through the deformer will be wrapped around the wheel before the Steel Wire Rope to exert a certain tension to eliminate the gap between the wire or rope, has reached the purpose of reducing the elongation; online pre-tensioning Steel Wire Rope Can be used to enhance the Steel Wire Rope or cableway with Steel Wire Rope.

To complete the maintenance and maintenance of the rope chain hoist, each operation is completed, first of all to wipe the loose Steel Wire Rope attached to the mud, dust or oil, release the jaws, out of the Steel Wire Rope, the Steel Wire Rope on the collection frame , And wipe the full length of the Steel Wire Rope, the Steel Wire Rope stored in a dry place to prevent corrosion; Second, the annual response to the gourd at least 4 times maintenance, such as diesel cleaning parts, and calcium-based grease lubrication; Into the mud, cement or other dirt, you can rinse with water, then diesel cleaning; cleaning, drying on the calcium grease; finally release the jaws, with a clean cotton yarn wipe the grease and moisture on the jaws; Jaw wear, bearing capacity is less than 80% of the rated load, the jaws should be replaced; when the Steel Wire Rope diameter by 10%, should replace the Steel Wire Rope.

Steel Wire Rope production process there is residual stress, the Steel Wire Rope is prone to loose phenomenon, seriously affect the quality of Steel Wire Rope, how to check the rope is not loose, the more simple way is to first unlock the end of a Steel Wire Rope, about three twist Away from the long, and then re-twist the strand to the Steel Wire Rope, this time if the Steel Wire Rope is still able to restore the original position, then the Steel Wire Rope is not loose.

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