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Possible Consequences Of Wire Rope Oil?
Jul 04, 2016

Due to the massive seeps of oil, and made the wire rope and friction pad interaction into steel wire rope and the friction will reduce the coefficient of friction.
Damage gaskets
Normal operation of equipment, liner under pressure at 3Mpa, far below the pressure pad compression strength, will not cause damage to the pad. Wire rope and liner Zhijian exists oil media, media in the mixed has ash, other hard particle, these hard particle in right of conditions Xia will embedded liner, in liner surface formed concave pit, concave pit in then particle of times role Xia will expanded, then oil into concave pit, dang wire rope again running to this, will closed concave pit, at concave pit in the of oil will produced is big of pressure, dang pressure powerful Yu material of bear capacity, on will in material of weak at, that concave pit of edge produced crack, times role, crack extended, Finally, flaking, which pits become bigger or deeper, and ultimately into one, while the next cycle start and cycle speed, time. Diagonal-line friction liner seams are often this type of situation. We belong to this phenomenon of pitting flaking.
Pitting flaking on the pad is very damaging, is backing the main reason for early failure in the event of not only accelerated the shift of Groove material loss, resulting in sharp decline in the depth of the grooves must be at the bottom of the material properties, this phenomenon should be avoided. Once there, should be removed as soon as possible the steel wire rope with excess oil and impurities between the pad surface and turning Groove as soon as possible.

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