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Reasons And Control Of Elongation Of Steel Wire Rope
Sep 22, 2017

Steel Wire Rope as a bearing, fixed, lifting and other purposes of the force components, due to the role of load, after a period of time will produce elongation. The elongation of the Steel Wire Rope is generally divided into structural elongation (also known as permanent elongation) and elastic elongation. The elongation of the structure refers to the elongation of the Steel Wire Rope under the working load, the Steel Wire Rope in the shares or shares in the wire position changes caused by the elongation, this elongation does not change with the load changes.

The main reason for the elongation is the Steel Wire Rope in the production process, due to multi-process, multi-pass deformation processing production, the cumulative residual stress and deformation, making the Steel Wire Rope in the relative position of the wire or strand staggered, not in accordance with the emissions Position arrangement, that is, the discharge position "is not smooth", when the Steel Wire Rope force, the molten steel or the resulting stress release, corresponding to the Steel Wire Rope elongation.

The use of Steel Wire Rope in the permanent load-bearing hanger, recycling reciprocating load, such as the length of the use of lifting, the rope will be the structure of the elongation of the harm, on the one hand to reduce the load, life shortages, on the other hand prone to production accidents.

The control measures are:

1, for larger specifications of the Steel Wire Rope, generally through the online or offline pre-tensioned to reduce the elongation of the rope, or even eliminate the rope extension.

2, for small size, ultra-long, batch production of small Steel Wire Rope, can be controlled by the production process to reduce the elongation of the structure of the rope, or even the basic elimination. By adjusting the wire size of the small size Steel Wire Rope ratio, inter-stock gap, can reduce the structural elongation. Such as 7 × 3-0.90 structure of small Steel Wire Rope, the center of the wire diameter increased by 0.16mm, the stock between the shares to ensure that the gap between 0.01mm, structural elongation decreased. In addition to control the thread tension and the use of fixture will also improve the breaking force, reduce the structural elongation.

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