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Remediation Of Steel Wire Rope
May 10, 2017

For cable ropes, accompanied by the other, or other business as long as the contact is not unfamiliar to it; cable wind rope, drag rope, manned lifts on the safety rope, manual, electric pulley, daily sling, etc. The Today, the reason why specifically mentioned, not surprising knowledge, but in less than half a month's time, found three lifting rope Steel Wire Rope out of the phenomenon, which found two before the wear on the tower cap overall security did not To reach an extremely dangerous level, which led to a serious wear and tear of the rope, the bottom of the arm beam was worn, almost caused a safety accident (good luck), there is a time out of the ribs caused by serious wear and tear.

A Steel Wire Rope is pulled out of the web

Two positions or in the tower at the rope at the rope rounding caused by the abdomen was cut off more than half

The bottom of the tower is triggered by the Steel Wire Rope at the three guide wheels

Take the angle of their own brain fill

Four steel Steel Wire Rope out of the dangers

Light on the equipment and steel rope wear serious, reduce the safety of equipment and Steel Wire Rope life;

Heavy accidents caused by accidents, hoisting process occurred in the Steel Wire Rope break, due to a sudden imbalance, resulting in the difference between the driver can jump from the seat, or even tower crane collapse.

Five remedies

1. For the wear and tear of the site to take into account the actual situation of the project generally do not have the opportunity to directly replace,Steel Wire Rope without affecting the safe operation of the crane under the premise of the best to take the form of welding, the wear and tear of the gap with the length of the appropriate diameter Steel bar plug welding, and then spray the same type of paint; if the cutting degree has been great, a serious threat to the tower crane safety, then only replacement;

2. Failure of the anti-escape device can only be repaired or re-installed to ensure that play a due role.

Six in common

1. Steel Wire Rope The occurrence of the phenomenon of the tower is generally relatively old, the use of the length of time are generally more than five years, anti-ditch device, the pulley itself is serious aging; of course, do not rule out some of the installation workers in order to save the anti- Forced to pry open ...

2. The location of the occurrence of the groove is not easy to find, under normal circumstances is not easy to detect, because it is lifting machinery work does not have a direct impact;

3. Operators and even some inspection maintenance personnel are not serious, not timely;

In short, the maintenance of the case in a timely manner in the equipment is not overloaded and the emergence of serious broken Steel Wire Rope, the driver or check the maintenance staff should pay attention to whether the Steel Wire Rope jumped.

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