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Several Ways To Test Rupture Of Steel Wire Rope
Sep 22, 2017

The rope is a modern crane, excavator, overhead cableway, elevator, mine upgrade, suspension bridge and other key components, for its carrying capacity requirements are very harsh, Steel Wire Rope tensile test is qualified to the factory before the check is very important, and different test folder Holding the way will affect the measurement results, the current point of view, mainly in the following categories:

Steel Wire Rope breaking tensile test 1, casting method

It is a method in which a sample is subjected to a tensile test by casting a molten metal with a molten metal and cooling it at room temperature.

The clamping method will be the first rope at both ends of the need to hold the shares and wire disassembly and into a conical, cast into a cone into the left and right symmetrical test machine jaw seat to test.

The method is difficult to make the Steel Wire Rope to achieve a real wire neck broken broken off, but also can not guarantee the Steel Wire Rope within the uniform force, and this clamping method is very cumbersome, not environmentally friendly.

Steel Wire Rope breaking tensile test 2, sets of pressure method

Is the method of pressing the specimen head with a casing and then holding it in a test machine jaw.

First, the two ends of the sample with wire tied and then removed from the Steel Wire Rope, remove the bundled wire at both ends of the sample into the low carbon steel, aluminum alloy made of casing, casing head wall should be chamfered, Press on the press.

The practical application of this method may be no problem, but as the ultimate tensile failure clamping is unscientific, and its reliability is 90% minimum breaking tensile load, less than 100%.

Steel Wire Rope breaking tensile test 3, winding method

Is a method in which a Steel Wire Rope sample is directly wound on a reel for tensile testing.

This method of clamping the rope, can not change the point of the location of the rope by the tensile and bending compound force, most of them are cut at the point and can not guarantee the Steel Wire Rope necking, the reliability of 95%.

Steel Wire Rope breaking test 4, direct clamping method

Is a method in which a Steel Wire Rope sample is directly held in a test machine jaw for tensile testing.

This method holds the Steel Wire Rope, the test machine clamping jaw taper 8-10 °, from the self-locking principle, the yield strength than the 0.65 material is more appropriate, but the yield strength of more than 0.80 brittle material is very easy to produce scissors Cut off.

Steel Wire Rope tensile test 5, self-anchored anchor clamp clamping method

Steel Wire Rope and steel wire manufacturing process is similar to the strand clamp anchor has been quite perfect, can be used with a single hole with a locking thread from the anchor anchor clamp.

The angle between the anchor and the clip is close to 7 °, and the two are staggered to form a self-anchoring angle. The small end of the clip has a small angle forming the release cone, which can alleviate the stress concentration at the clamping point of the Steel Wire Rope and the clip Three clamps symmetrical clamping, threaded connector from the pre-tightening and anti-loose effect. This method is very convenient to test the mechanical parameters of the rope and the elastic-plastic deformation process, Steel Wire Rope test on the best results.

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