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Steel Wire Rope Heat Treatment And Monofilament Strength
Jun 27, 2017

According to the Steel Wire Rope alliance research statistics, the strength of the Steel Wire Rope is the strength of steel wire and Steel Wire Rope twist loss, and the strength of the wire to the drawing process, the more thin the wire, the greater the strength, the greater the strength, Poor, but many people want strength and high, the better the toughness, it would be good material, heat treatment process is good, consistent with the strength of the wire and a higher demand. Here to analyze the concept of heat treatment: Steel Wire Rope quenching, the following AC1 heat, heat down after the heat treatment process is called Steel Wire Rope tempering. A metal heat treatment process in which the Steel Wire Rope raw material (blank) is slowly heated to a certain temperature, maintained for a sufficient time, and then cooled at a suitable speed (usually slow cooling, sometimes controlled to cool) is called annealing. In fact, the heat treatment of the steel wire is annealing or tempering The

Steel Wire Rope annealing tempering effect: first, to eliminate the workpiece quenching residual stress generated to prevent deformation and cracking; second, adjust the workpiece hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness, to achieve the performance requirements; Third, the stability of the organization and size , To ensure accuracy; Fourth, improve and improve processing performance.

According to the tempering temperature range, tempering can be divided into low temperature tempering, tempering tempering and high temperature tempering. Simply put, the Steel Wire Rope tempering is to restore the mechanical role of steel wire, so that steel can be further deep processing, lead tempering also enhance the strength and toughness of the role. The tempering of the rope is very important. The heat treatment process directly leads to the normal mechanical principle of the steel wire, the wear resistance of the steel wire, the breaking resistance of the whole rope, the spring wire, the cable steel wire and the tempering process of the tire steel wire are more important.

The calculation of the strength of the wire: the diameter of the raw material divided by the target diameter, the root number multiplied by the strength of the raw material is equal to the strength of the target diameter wire. Normal raw material strength 850N / mm2,950N / mm2,1000N / mm2,1050N / mm2. But the lead after the heat treatment, the intensity increased by 20%, our company all the products are made of lead wire tempering tempering. The normal Steel Wire Rope strength is generally 1670N / mm2, 1770N / mm2, 1870N / mm2, 1960N / mm2. Through this formula, we can calculate the Steel Wire Rope strength, or know the target diameter of the wire, you can calculate how much blank we open, and then heat treatment.

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