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Steel Wire Rope In The Production Of Quality Standards
Jun 05, 2017

There are many varieties of Steel Wire Rope, Steel Wire Rope structure model is also ever-changing, the rational choice of Steel Wire Rope is not let you do whatever you want.

As a qualified supplier of Steel Wire Rope, the supplier must carefully ask the customer for the basic requirements of the Steel Wire Rope, such as the use of machinery and equipment conditions, the nature of machinery and equipment, etc., this is not only responsible for the customer is also on their own Strict requirements.

Customers to 28mm Steel Wire Rope, you give my customers to provide 6 * 37 + FC ordinary garbage Steel Wire Rope, the results of customers get back to use in the rotary excavator, ten minutes less than broken; used in the piling machine, two or three under the broken; Used in the gantry hanging, a few hours to break; why? Because the customer's selection of the Steel Wire Rope is not correct, and as a Steel Wire Rope suppliers must be reasonable for customers to configure the application of durable high-quality Steel Wire Rope, which to establish a long-term customer trust mechanism is very important.

Steel Wire Rope is not you want to use can be used, nor is it you can buy it?

The same type of Steel Wire Rope diameter, the type of structure is not the same, for the use of equipment performance is not the same.

Why the basket Steel Wire Rope to use 4 * 31WS or 7 * 19W? Why is the structure of the elevator Steel Wire Rope with 8 * 19S? Why high-lift tower Steel Wire Rope to choose 35W * 7? Each structure of the rope has its own characteristics, characteristics determine the life expectancy, the specification is reasonable.

Many of our customers a lot of Steel Wire Rope end users are often in the Steel Wire Rope after the accident to the quality of the Steel Wire Rope to investigate, entangled in the production of steel Steel Wire Rope at the quality of the standard; do not know this way are the edge of the practice of fish, because the problem itself And the focus is not the first Steel Wire Rope quality error, such as the previous said the ordinary Steel Wire Rope 6 * 37 + FC, 6 * 19 + FC such Steel Wire Rope, the test results no matter how good, how to detect the quality of clearance, because of this type of Steel Wire Rope Is easy to broken wire, broken shares, belonging to the point of contact with Steel Wire Rope, you can ask it how? When you pile driver digging machine with this Steel Wire Rope, the hammer fell off the drill bit, it can only fate, deserve it! Steel Wire Rope is not you want to use!

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