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Surface Contact With The Production Characteristics Of Steel Wire Rope And The Use Of
Jul 18, 2017

The production characteristics of surface contact Steel Wire Rope

Since the advent of the Steel Wire Rope, the contact state of the steel wire in the stock has been improved with the demand of the Steel Wire Rope production technology and application performance. It has experienced three aspects of point contact, line contact and surface contact. The surface contact Steel Wire Rope is developed on the basis of the Steel Wire Rope A new type of Steel Wire Rope, in the application, compared with the point, line Steel Wire Rope, it has some unique performance characteristics, mainly in:

(1) As the surface of the Steel Wire Rope has been subjected to plastic compression deformation, the surface of the stock is smooth, with the same specifications of the point, line contact stocks, the surface area. Therefore, the rope made by the twisting of such strands is large in contact with the sheave, the pulley and the reel, and the unit pressure applied to the sheave, the pulley and the reel is small and the wear resistance is good.

(2) due to surface contact with the Steel Wire Rope stranded by the plastic extrusion deformation, the stock of steel wire contact with each other for a larger plane or arc, the wire between the close contact, stable structure, anti-lateral deformation performance.

(3) As the surface contact with the Steel Wire Rope has been subjected to plastic extrusion deformation, the steel Steel Wire Rope structure is dense, with the same diameter, with the strength level point, line contact Steel Wire Rope, effective area, fill density coefficient, bearing capacity, Elongation is small.

(4) shares in the wire gap is small, good sealing performance, corrosion medium is not easy to penetrate, corrosion resistance.

(5) As the surface contact Steel Wire Rope surface is smooth, compact structure, the contact stress between the wire is small, good resistance to lateral deformation; bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, therefore, this Steel Wire Rope anti-fatigue performance, high service life

Because the surface contact Steel Wire Rope has the bearing capacity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, long service life and other excellent performance, is one of China's priority development of efficient steel varieties, but also China's mine to enhance the preferred varieties of Steel Wire Rope, such as In the coal mine shaft lifting, inclined shaft lifting, stepless rope car, Steel Wire Rope belt conveyor, etc., but mainly for mine upgrade. According to the information introduced surface contact Steel Wire Rope for coal mine inclined wells to enhance, in the comparative test, the service life than the point, line contact with similar Steel Wire Rope increased by 60% to 300%. Surface contact Steel Wire Rope in addition to the mine for the promotion, but also used in forestry, construction, fisheries and other departments, such as forestry ropeway main cable, construction machinery winch and drag steel rope, fish ship dragging and so on; can also be used for elevators, power lines Construction, application and application prospects.

Surface contact Steel Wire Rope in China has experienced more than 20 years of development, but there are still a lot of work to promote the application, at present, than the mine to enhance the performance requirements of low areas, surface contact Steel Wire Rope manufacturers in the application of promotion is not wide enough.

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