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The Choice Of Steel Wire Rope For Flat Harness
Oct 10, 2017

As the Steel Wire Rope in the structure of lifting is used to enhance the components, wear around the trolley, rope and lanyard and so on, so it is in the actual work is in a very complex state of the force. Work, not only pull, but also bending force, between the wire and the friction between the wire and so on. Therefore, how to choose a reasonable Steel Wire Rope, so that both meet the requirements, but also can be economical and safe, it becomes a very important job.

In the choice of flat harness Steel Wire Rope, in addition to considering the use of the requirements, it should be a few of the requirements as a basis for selection:

1, to have enough strength to bear the maximum load;

2, must have sufficient strength to wear and resist bending;

3, must have the ability to resist the impact of the power;

On the first point is relatively easy to estimate, because what kind of structure of the Steel Wire Rope, how much load can we bear, we can learn from the experiment. While the second point of the third point of the estimate is more difficult, because the impact load is not a stable number, he is related to the operation, and sometimes almost tribute to the normal load several times. Therefore, the selection must be made when the Steel Wire Rope has a reserve force to consider this problem.

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