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The Corrosion Mechanism Of Stainless Steel Wire
Jul 04, 2016

Stainless steel wire mesh stainless and corrosion resistance are the victims of environmental corrosion resistance, or the degree of retardation on the corrosion, passivation for short. Explained there are many theories on the stainless steel passivation phenomenon, for example, from theory to explain, that corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire mesh, because its role with the medium, will have a layer on the surface
Cr2 0, film, film, this layer is characterized by a very thin, in conditions of chromium content of more than 10.5%, and only a few microns; the film's specific gravity is greater than the proportion of metal, that film is dense, so this layer is difficult to breakdown by corrosion, thus effectively protect metal from corrosion. Such as electronic theory, recognize
Blunt State of the metal and do not fill the electronic layer, in iron-chromium alloy stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh tube, because the chromium to absorb electronics, iron (Fe) atoms lose electrons to be blunted. Some scholars believe that, when the amount of Fe-CR alloys containing chromium in solid solution 1/8 (or 12.5%), the electrode potential can be from 10. 56V jumped to +0.2V, the electrode potential to improve, the metal was more stable in the electrolyte, which can not easily be eroded.
Relying on these theories are based on the effect of chromium. Actually, due to material by at environment of diversity, and complexity, in some conditions Xia also needed added other alloy elements, to improve and consolidation material of resistance corrosion sex, as added people key (Mo) elements, will makes corrosion product M002 a near matrix and promote matrix passivation; added people copper (Cu) elements, makes stainless steel screen surface passivation film in the contains Cu0, its and corrosion media not occurred role, to improve material of resistance corrosion sex; added people nitrogen (n) elements, will for passivation film in the rich set Cr2 n, Passivation film of chromium concentration in improving, and improving the corrosion resistance of materials.
It is to be noted that, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel wire mesh is conditional. Media type, density, temperature, pressure, velocity and other differences in the effect of corrosion on stainless steel wire mesh is different, therefore, stainless steel wire mesh stainless is relative, not absolute, universal. This must be brought to our attention.

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