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The Effect Of Steel Steel Wire Rope Lubrication Treatment
Sep 22, 2017

The use of steel Steel Wire Rope lubricant has the following properties:

① has good mobility and excellent ability to penetrate, in the pretreatment can quickly penetrate the rope inside and the core, as well as to prevent the bacteria in the rope fiber in the breeding effect.

② lubricant attached to the Steel Wire Rope, not easy to be wiped in the specified temperature range of lubrication effect is not affected. Lubricants with such adhesion also have a non-slip effect, which plays an important role in the adhesion of the elevator Steel Wire Rope.

③ high oil film strength, can withstand heavy loads in contact with each other between the wire there is a very high pressure. Anti-decomposition and anti-metamorphosis.

④ grease has a high cohesion, to avoid the dripping of lubricants, no movement when the centrifugal rejection, to avoid waste of oil and pollution equipment.

⑤ high-quality lubrication does not contain corrosion caused by the composition, will not make the steel corrosion. Lubricant is mainly to prevent corrosion.

⑥ self-repair ability, the use of Steel Wire Rope in the bend, so that the surface of the oil film constantly squeeze expansion. This requires a soft film, and the need for higher temperature does not appear to break.

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