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The Steel Wire Rope Is Really Very Durable
May 10, 2017

We all know the Steel Wire Rope, a lot of gold powder is also used, really very durable, then it is how to manufacture you know?

Before Xiaobian thought too simple, that is a few fine wire twist together chanting, today saw these introductory and video was suddenly realized, ah .... the original so complicated, no wonder the rope so strong it.

The production of Steel Wire Rope with drawing, twisting and rope together three basic processes. Do not underestimate the three processes, each process has its own rules.

1. brushed

Steel Wire Rope drawing refers to the raw material after pickling, phosphating, shelling, billet, during which one or more pull pull, change its molecular body, to achieve the target diameter of a process means. The raw material has a ferrous metal of 0.14 to 10.00 mm and a non-ferrous metal having a diameter of 0.01 to 16.00 mm.

After the wire has been drawn, its molecular structure has been destroyed, only the tempering again restore the internal structure of the wire. In order to facilitate the drawing again, so easy to break, and can pull the intensity we want. The Strength is pulled out of the pull, not heat treatment out.


There are many kinds of Steel Wire Rope according to the use of each type of twist in the process there is a big difference. The cross-section of the Steel Wire Rope is somewhat in contact with the round strand, the wire contact round, the surface contact round, the shaped stock, the single layer does not rotate, the seal and the flat. In which the surface contact round wire rope is by the twist machine traction force to contact the rope through the wire drawing die or roll die made. Through the drawing die, strand before and after deformation of the section of the twist strand in the oil and coating two kinds of anti-corrosion measures.

After the wire twisted into a rope, but also through the oil, coating and winding process. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the use of Steel Wire Rope, it is required that the Steel Wire Rope has sufficient strength, good flexibility, twist compactness, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength, among which the strength is the most important The

Take a rope

In the rope on the rope around the center line of the rope for the spiral line production process of the rope. The rope should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Steel Wire Rope manufacturing process. The single twist Steel Wire Rope twisting method and the twisting process are basically the same as the twisting method and the twisting process of the same structure, except that the twisting of the twisted layers around the cord is alternating in the twist Steel Wire Rope The twist is determined by the twist of the outer wire. Double twist Steel Wire Rope is usually made of 2,3,4,6,7,8 root twist. Up to 36 shares, more varieties, the structure is more complex, is the most widely used Steel Wire Rope. The most common application is the double stranded Steel Wire Rope consisting of six strands.

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