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There Are Two Loads Of Steel Wire Rope In The Work
May 17, 2017

Proper selection, use and maintenance of the elevator traction Steel Wire Rope is not only related to the safety and normal operation of the elevator, but also to extend the service life is also essential.

1, the choice of elevator Steel Wire Rope

The Steel Wire Rope consists of strands, strands and wire. Elevator Steel Wire Rope is a single rope around the rope was twisted from the twist. Usually using 50 to 65 high-quality carbon steel or 60Si2Mn wire. For safety, the elevator Steel Wire Rope with a special number or No. 1 wire, the wire diameter is limited to 0.3 ~ 1.3mm between. Commonly used elevator traction Steel Wire Rope is Xilu type (X type) and wentin type (W type). At present, the domestic elevator commonly used Xilu 8 or 6 steel wire rope, of which 8X (19) more applications.

1.1 Example of Steel Wire Rope marking recognition

In the case of passenger elevators with a rated load of 1 000 kg, the traction Steel Wire Rope is capped with 8X (19) -16-140, where 8 is the number of strands, X is the cirrus, and (19) The number of wires, 16 is the nominal diameter (mm) of the Steel Wire Rope, 140 is the tensile strength (kgf / mm2) of the Steel Wire Rope, and the right hand is the wire and the rope is twisted in the right direction of the rope. Domestic traction Steel Wire Rope are right cross.

1.2 core

Elevator Steel Wire Rope are used with oil impregnated fiber cord, cord support and fixed rope position so as to improve the contact between the rope, slow down the impact load, from the role of the oil tank for long-term lubrication of the oil source, the steel lubrication is good The

1.3 Xilu type (X type) Steel Wire Rope structure and characteristics

Xilu type elevator Steel Wire Rope cross section of each section of 1 +9 +9, the core plus the first layer plus the second layer of a total of 19 steel wire composition: a central wire, ф1.2mm, the inner wire 9, ф0 .6mm, outer wire 9 ф1.05mm. Outer wire diameter than the inner diameter of the wire, so also known as the outer rough Steel Wire Rope. Its characteristics ① the number of inner and outer steel wire per share the same, but the diameter of the outer layer embedded in the inner concave, multi-layer wire twist equal, solid structure, easy to open the book. Outer thick steel wire to increase wear resistance, the inner layer of fine steel wire to improve flexibility, is conducive to the mutual sliding when bending, thus improving the flexibility and service life of wire rope. ② interlayer wire parallel line contact, wire rope fatigue resistance, good resistance between the wire inside the good, contact area increases, contact stress decreases.

2, the safety factor of the steel Steel Wire Rope

From the security point of view of the elevator Steel Wire Rope has a certain number of roots and safety factor, GB7588 on the K static specific provisions: the use of three or more traction rope rope elevator, K static = 12; the use of two traction wire rope elevator, K Static = 16, usually require passengers, cargo and medical elevator wire rope root number should be no less than four, the safety factor of 12; debris ladder should not less than 2, the safety factor of 10.

Steel Wire Rope in the work of the existence of two kinds of static and dynamic load, but the impact of the life of the rope or the main static load, in order to simplify the calculation, only for static load for practical calculation.

2.1 Steel Wire Rope diameter selection

In order to improve the strength of the elevator Steel Wire Rope to extend the service life, usually according to type D / d ≥ 40 to select the diameter of the elevator wire rope, where d for the Steel Wire Rope diameter of not less than 8mm; D for the traction wheel diameter;

2.2 Calculation of safety factor

Where the safety factor of K Jing - elevator Steel Wire Rope;

SP-elevator Steel Wire Rope breaking tension;

M-elevator Steel Wire Rope around the law of the magnification, 1: 1 around the law m = 1,2: 1 around the law when m = 2;

Q - the rated load of the elevator;

ΣW-Wj + Wg + Wp

Where W is the weight of the car; Wg is the weight of the rope between the car and the traction wheel when the car is at the lowest level; Wp is the half of the tension rope tension load (when there is a balance compensation device).

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