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Wharf Hanging Steel Wire Rope Carefully Check Is The Key To Safe Use
Jul 07, 2017

Steel Wire Rope for us very familiar with, such as our life in the clothesline, as well as our industrial rope, and we see the TV martial arts high strength male and female, are the need to rely on Steel Wire Rope, of course, Steel Wire Rope to us Has brought a sense of security, but the use of the inspection before the security is the most critical steps.

First, when using the wire hanging Steel Wire Rope, we try to stretch the rope as much as possible, this way not only can increase its toughness, but also can improve life, you can test its overload capacity in advance and in the course of operation Resulting in the impact and vibration, so the use of the front stretch is very necessary.

Second, the Steel Wire Rope inspection, careful is very important, every detail should be noted that in the inspection, we must do a serious record, and the degree of wear and tear wire and broken wire, of course, there are more exceptions The situation can not be ignored, are to be detailed records to protect the timely maintenance or report replacement.

As a qualified supplier of Steel Wire Rope, in the supply to the customer must carefully ask the customer the basic requirements of the Steel Wire Rope, such as the use of mechanical equipment conditions, the nature of machinery and equipment, etc., this is not only responsible for the customer is also on their own Strict requirements.

Customers to 28mm Steel Wire Rope, you give my customers to provide 6 * 37 + FC ordinary garbage Steel Wire Rope, the results of customers get back to use in the rotary excavator, ten minutes less than broken; used in the piling machine, two or three on the broken; Used in the gantry hanging, a few hours on the broken; why? Because the customer's selection of the Steel Wire Rope is not correct, and as a Steel Wire Rope suppliers must be reasonable for customers to configure the application of durable high-quality Steel Wire Rope, which to establish a long-term customer trust mechanism is very important.

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