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Why Is The Steel Wire Rope Popular In Industrial Production?
Nov 03, 2017

Steel Wire Rope is more common in industrial production of a product. Lifting, towing, bundling, high-altitude transport will be used, why do you Steel Wire Rope in industrial production so compelling? The main reason is due to its various advantages in industrial use. Xiaobian will take you to summarize the many benefits of our rope it.

First, it has a higher safety factor than the other Steel Wire Rope, and there is no problem even with long loads.

Second, it's light weight, easy to carry and use.

Third, Nantong Steel Wire Rope tensile strength, toughness, the use of sudden rupture will not occur, resulting in serious consequences.

Fourthly, the wear resistance is good during high-speed operation, and the twisting is good and stable. Because of this characteristic, it is used in elevator operation.

Fifth, corrosion-resistant, work in harmful environment is not prone to chemical reaction, long service life.

Sixth, is a combination of strong and soft, can be used to bundle, traction, drag and drop, a wide range of uses.

I believe in the process of industrial production of Steel Wire Rope is one of the necessary tools, the most widely used in the rope should be the Nantong Steel Wire Rope. Rope is so popular, because of this rope has many of the above different benefits.

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